Laurie Hogan Named 2017 Grand Marshal
Criteria for Choosing the Grand Marshals
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Silent Workers Raise Concern



Laurie Hogan Named Grand Marshal

Laurie’s early beginnings in Shrewsbury started in 1972 when she and her former husband purchased their first home.  She has two children, Lisa Judkins and Paul Lindberg, four step children, Michael, Tom, Megan and Mary Hogan and three grandsons.  Laurie and her husband Matt have been married for 18 years.  In 1985, she returned to college to complete her BA degree in Business Administration, graduating from Worcester State College in 1992.

One of the Spirit of Shrewsbury Fall Festival Committee’s criteria for Grand Marshal candidates is to show a record of volunteer community service.  When her children were young, Laurie was a Girl Scout leader and Girl Scout Cookie Chairman for Shrewsbury and the surrounding towns, Paton School PTO President, and a Vacation Bible School teacher.  In later years, she served as President of the Shrewsbury Garden Club.

Laurie Hogan is a woman who exemplifies the true spirit of what it means to be a volunteer.  In 1983, Laurie joined the League of Women Voters (LWV) and as a new member of LWV Observer Corp, observed the Shrewsbury Housing Authority.  She became President of the LWV in the late 1980’s and was the Voter Service Chair for many years when she organized Annual LWV Candidates Nights.

In 1988 Laurie joined the Shrewsbury Media Connection (SMC) and became a community producer for LWV shows and the weekly Board of Selectmen meetings.   In 1990, she was appointed to the Cable Advisory Board by Selectmen and in 1993 was elected chairman of the newly created SMC Advisory Board.  In 2001-2003, she was employed as the Government Access Channel Coordinator for SMC.

Participating in town government is a great part of Laurie’s life.  She has been a Town Meeting Member for over 30 years and in 1984 was elected as a Commissioner for the Shrewsbury Housing Authority. From 1993-2000, she was a member of the Board of Selectmen and chair 1996-97.  The Shrewsbury Public Library became her primary volunteer focus when she was elected in 2006 to the Board of Library Trustees, serving as chair from 2009-17.  Laurie lead the Shrewsbury Library Prop 2 ½ Voter Campaigns in 2011 and 2013 and was the Campaign Manager for the Shrewsbury Library Capital Campaign which raised $1.75M for the new library. The new Shrewsbury Library is one of her proudest accomplishments.  In 2017, Laurie and Matt received the Harry S. Cutting Jr. Award for their significant contributions to the town.  The award was established in 1990 to honor those who go above and beyond in their efforts to make a difference in their community and embody the spirit of Cutting, a noted philanthropist and library trustee for many years.


Congratulations to Laurie I. Hogan, the 2017 Grand Marshal of the Spirit of Shrewsbury Fall Festival.

The Spirit of Shrewsbury Grand Marshals are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Show a record of volunteer community service.
  • Be an outstanding citizen.
  • Be well-known.
  • Be directly associated with Shrewsbury.
  • Bring pride and recognition to the Town of Shrewsbury.

It is not necessary for the candidate to be a resident of Shrewsbury. However, if he or she is currently campaigning for a political office, he or she is not an appropriate candidate.

Past Grand Marshals

Martha Gach

Mahesh Reshamwala

Donald J. Green

Isabelle Chang

Elaine LeBlanc

Ken Kniskern

Walter Rice

Bob Lutz

Sue (Sanders) DiLeo
Joyce (Bartlett) Perreault
Sue (Donahue) Falzoi

Pamela and Glenn Johnson

Ronald G. Sanquinet

Arthur R. Dobson

Joseph J. Montecalvo

Kenneth C. Largess

Dr. Harvey Claremont

Paula Rourke

Edwin B. Coghlin, Jr.

Irving James, Jr. and Barbara Grant Donahue

Richard M. Carney


Silent Workers Raise Concern

The Spirit of Shrewsbury Fall Festival can no longer keep silent about a very important issue facing our community. Silent Workers are at large. They can be found among us in such places as the Town Hall, our Fire Department, food establishments, almost everywhere – they are a great part of our everyday lives.

Who are the Silent Workers? They are those who give of themselves by lending a hand, requiring no compensation for the help they provide. They are the ones who provide us needed services and expect nothing in return except a smile and a thank you.

It is time for the Spirit of Shrewsbury Fall Festival board to make a noise, raise concern, and bring this issue to the attention of the townspeople!

We would like to reveal the list of the people who have helped in so many ways by donating themselves to aid us in putting together our town-wide 20th anniversary celebration during the upcoming month of September. These people usually go unrecognized, until now.

Our thankful hearts go out to these volunteers:

Spirit of Shrewsbury Fall Festival Board: President and Secretary, Sue Falzoi; Vice-President, Wayne Watkins; Treasurer, John Moloney; Past President, Tom Falzoi.  Committees & Events:  Frances Carvalho, Shilpa Deochakke, Suresh Gupta, Judy & Jerry Johnson, Vishakha Khamankar, Tikoo Magner, Megan Maruca, Barbara Michalak, MaryEllen O’Loughlin, Patrice Peris, Maria Smith, David Thompson, Susan Walsh, Christine Williams

Among us:

  • Nina Behm (sewing the utility pole tote bags)
  • Maria Lemieux (CPA; Lakeway Business District; Chief Firework’s organizer)
  • Worcester County Sheriff’s Department (offering traffic control assistance)
  • UMass Maple Ave. Campus (permission to use parking lots)


  • Bean Counter Bakery (Alice Lombardi – donating 2 sheet cakes for the Grand Marshal Dinner and Over 90 Tribute Tea)
  • Danielson Florist (donating many years of flowers for the Grand Marshal for the day of the parade)
  • Dunkin Donuts (donating to Coolidge School for insurance for Kids’ Fun Run/Walk)
  • Home Depot (arranging for flat beds)
  • India Society of Worcester (providing the venue for the Grand Marshal Dinner Dance)
  • Pellegrino Trucking (Mark Pellegrino – many years of supplying trash bins for festival)
  • Polar Beverages (many years of offering bottled water for volunteers)
  • Shrewsbury Federal Credit Union (Lisa Raabe – providing t-shirts for volunteers & offering a meeting room)
  • SkiWard (donating the venue for Hannah Kane’s fundraiser)

Food donors:

  • BJ’s
  • Dean Park Pizza
  • Golden Pizza
  • Panera Bread
  • Papa Gino’s
  • Price Chopper
  • Red Barn
  • Shaw’s
  • Stop and Shop
  • Wegmans

Town departments:

Assistant Town Manager: Kristen Las (supplying guidance with fireworks details)
Building Inspectors: Bob Cox & Patricia Sheehan (granted permission of the use of the school and the premises
Board of Health: Kerry Stockwell (assisting with food permits)
Board of Selectmen: Chris Mattero (handling the licenses for SOS every year; arranging for a meeting room)
Engineering Department: Annette Rebovich & Dan McCullen (providing engineering expertise in festival design layout; measuring and marking vendors’ booths)
Fire Department: Fire Chief Jim Vuona (providing safety guidance for festival layout, ambulance and first aid)
Capt. Sean Lawlor (offering to be the Emcee of Grand Marshall Dinner Dance, coordinating the festival medical tent)
Highway Department: Supplying cones
Parks & Recreation Department: Angela Snell (offering guidance in the use of school grounds)
School Department: Ann Jones, Principal of Oak Middle School (providing the use of the school facility and grounds)
Kristine Cobb (instrumental in informing SHS organizations about the festival)
Dawn Vigliatura (helping to recruit festival volunteers through the Community Service Learning program)
Shrewsbury Public Schools (granting the use of Oak Middle School facility and hiring of custodians)
SELCO: John Laverty, Norm Ludivico and crew (for 20 years hanging banners; supplying electricity for the festival)
Rick Maksian (marketing promotion for the festival)
Senior Center: Sharon Yager (assisting with Over 90 Tribute Tea)
SPAC: Videographer Kevin Looney
MaryEllen O’Loughlin (organizer of video clips)
Marc Serra (Interviews at Oak Middle School; videotaping of parade)
Nick Todisco and Maria Smith (serving as parade commentators for many years)